Remember, we charge no call out fee and service or repair your bike while you wait...


Our most popular service as it is more than just a tune up..
Check & adjust gears and brakes and replace cables as necessary (charge for cable), check headset adjust as necessary, wheel bearings, bottom bracket tighten as necessary, check wheels and true if needed, change tube if required (charge for tube) set tyre pressure followed by external lubrication and visual safety inspection.



For bikes requiring a little more TLC or major parts changing..
Polish, degrease and external lubrication, check & adjust gears and brakes replace cables/ bar tape if necessary (charge for parts), check and clean headset, wheel bearings, bottom bracket, hubs, strip and lube as necessary, strip and lube brake cables, check wheels and make true, set tyre pressure, change tube if required (charge for part) followed by a visual safety inspection.  All parts replaced as required.
Bike clean £10  Gentle jet wash.. required if bike is muddy prior to our £75 service (collect and deliver only)
Adjust and lubricate gears. Replace cable as necessary (charge for cable)
Basic brake service for v-brakes (please contact us for hydraulic and cable disc brakes)
KIDS BIKE SERVICE  from £30.00 please enquire





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