Brakes front or rear (each)


Replace brake blocks £5.00 per pair including part (as part of brake service)
Replace brake cable inner or outer  £5.00 per cable (as part of brake service)
Fit new brake (all types)  £15.00
Disc pad change  £10.00
Disc brake bleed per brake £20.00 including fluid (£35 per pair)



Gears front or rear (each)
Replace cable inner or outer  £5.00 per cable including part (as part of gear service)
Replace shifters  £15.00
Replace chainset  £15.00
Shorten/ lengthen chain  £10.00
Replace chain  £5.00 (plus part)
Replace cassette/ freewheel  £10.00
Fit new dérailleur and set up  £20.00


Straighten dérailleur hanger  £10.00
Fit new freehub body  £10.00